Career Design Program

What Is CDP ?

Career Design Program (CDP)

Career Design Program (CDP) will help kids to formulate a career goal and then to achieve it in Project based manner. It has 6 steps known as accomplishment cycle.

It will be categorized in two parts, Sub Goals and Ultimate Goal

  • Discovering your natural talents and abilities.
  • Discovering your personality traits and types.
  • Discovering your orientation type
  • Stream selection for 11th and 12th Std.
  • Career and college selection post 12th Std.
  • Experiencing and adapting the real life work environment through multiple internship programs during your education life.
  • Planning gives you a path so you know you’re on track”
  • Specificity – The more specific, the better.
  • State again your intended goals
  • Explore possible ways to achieve goals.
  • Pick the action steps you will use.
  • Gaining mastery with commitment which can completely transform the quality of your life.
  • Make big commitments that take you out of your comfort zone.
  • You can run your life in proactive mode or automatic mode.
  • “Be the captain of your own ship, not just a passenger”
  • “Be the author of your life, not a character in someone else’s story”.
  • Discovering your Natural Talents and Abilities.
  • 7 dimensional career assessment
  • Top 5 career recommendations.
  • Stream, Course, Career and college selection.
  • Expert guidance from top career counsellors.
  • Internship program in a real corporate environment.

Expert support for all career related queries. We will try our best to resolve all your issues at any stage of CDP Program.

Once your goal is achieved celebrate and then plan for another goal which will take you to new heights. Make it a repetitive process.

Why CDP is the “Need” of the hour ?

Our previous and current generations has been witnessing Employment Crisis and Employability Crisis since ages. However, one more crisis was there but has been neglected and we can call it Transition Crisis. All these three crisis can be named as Cyclic Criss because they are repetitive in nature.

Cyclic Crisis can make a children’s life miserable whenever they are ready for working world. But, if we could plan everything from early stage than picture would be different.

We, Life Design Consulting is here on a mission to neutralize the crisis. We have developed a “Career Design Program” in order to build a roadmap for our childrens based on the stage of education he/she is going through in order to choose the perfect career.

Employability Crisis

39% of bosses say an abilities deficiency is the main justification behind opportunities in associations. An enormous segment of our alumni neglects to match industry assumptions. The current employability rate is at a simple 15% because of the hole between existent ranges of abilities and required ranges of abilities. Students learn subjects in college that are irrelevant to their future corporate work life. As a result, when they transition from subject to function in the workforce, they are ill-prepared for their roles. In schools today, students learn subjects that are unrelated to their future jobs in the corporate world.

What CDP Will Change ?

Unemployment Crisis In India.

The Unemployment Crisis is at the highest position. A report by the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) uncovers India’s startling expanded joblessness rate to 24% in April 2020, then, at that point, diminishing to 9.1% in December 2020 and 6% in January 2021. This affected as numerous as around 90 lakh individuals losing positions during the overall COVID-19 lockdown.

Transition Crisis

As per India Skill Report, Indian kids go for longer formal education. As a result they might not connect with the world of work until early 20s. So, Average transition time from education to full time work is up to five years. It means a kid turns to be complete professional by the age of 25-26 Yrs. in case he/she doesn’t go for PG Programs.

What CDP Will Change ?

Expert Support for all Career Related Queries.