B2B Services


How does our program help your Students?

Our program helps your students from Std 8th to Under graduate to select their streams, careers and colleges as per stage of their education. Our CDP program helps students to build a roadmap till completion of graduation program. Throughout the program all 7 pillars of human behavior are well involved which forms the centerpiece of LifeDesign.

How does our program help Institution?

As we adopt a 360 degree analysis method to analyze each and every student enrolled under the program, the final scorecard further helps the school management to maximize the strength and to neutralize the weakness of a student. Our program will certainly add value to the mission and vision of your institution.

What we Solve and Develop for Institutions

We act as an External Agency for Institutions
to run career guidance program.

We solve a problem of maintaining or crisis of Career
guidance wing of an Institution.

Institutions need not to maintain or invest in any asset thus making it light asset model.

Through our affiliate based model we develop a secondary
source of revenue for Institutions.

We develop a Win-Win situation for School and Students through our product and services.

Stream, Course, College & Career Selection

Seven Dimensional Career Assessment

Top Five Career Recommendations

Building Roadmap

Career Profiling

Motivator Ranking