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About Us

Welcome To Life Design Consulting

Creating Future

The Seven Stars  They resembles to seven pillars of human behaviour. They are Natural Talents, Natural abilities, Personality, Orientation, Interest, Aptitude ,Emotional Quotient.

The Leaf – It resembles the perfect career which one would love for rest of your life. 

The Four Dots – These four dots resembles the stages which a person go through until She/He enters the world of work. Stages are – School life, Higher Secondary Education, Higher Education and Work Life. 

The Straight Line – A well sequence of those four dots forms the straight line which resembles that Time, Money and Energy invested will produce the best result.

One Year Journey

It was the summers of 2021 when the noble idea of designing career of a child took place. Then-after, multiple researches were conducted which proves the Hypothesis as true which states that school and college going students in India needs a designing framework for their career building in the right path.

Gradually, the idea of adding value to an individual’s life took pace and “Life Design Consulting” was incorporated as an Enterprise. Today, we are on a mission to design the career of each and every school and college going students in our country so that they could live a life which they would love.

In order to scale our mission and vision we are on a process of incorporating ourselves soon as a Pvt. Ltd company.

Our Team Members

Ashish Kumar

Founder, Lead B2B Sales and Lead Counsellor.

Qualification- MBA in Marketing and International Business.

Experience-7 years of combined experience in corporate world, New Delhi.

“Every creature other than human beings uses its talents and personality traits fully and constantly in its work”.

Gautam Bharti

Lead B2C Sales.

Qualification- MBA in Marketing and Sales.

Experience- 6 Years of combined experience in corporate world, Ranchi.


“Gaining some mastery with commitment can completely transform the quality of your life”.

Supriya Prasad

Strategy and Development, Senior counsellor.

Qualification- B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Experience-3 Years of experience with JSLPS, Ranchi.

“Brainstorming is a way to come up with lots of new ideas, possibilities and solutions”.

Ashlesh Kumar

Strategy and Development.

Qualification- MBA in Sales and Marketing.

Experience- 6 Years of combined experience in corporate world, New Delhi and Ranchi.

“ The better you understand your genetic gifts, the more likely you can choose a satisfying and successful career”.


Chirag Sharma

Corporate Relations.

Qualification- MBA in Finance and Marketing.

Experience- 7 Years of combined experience in corporate world, New Delhi.

“People who are highly successful and also love their work year after year, spend most of their time at work engaged in activities that make use of their strongest abilities”.

Kailash Rajora

Product Designing.

Qualification- MCA.

Experience- 8 Years of combined experience in corporate world, New Delhi.

“ Find a way to live your dream. Don’t give up unless there is no other choice”.

Expert Support for all Career Related Queries.