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Life Design Consulting was founded in the year 2021 by Ashish Kumar. We strongly believe that it’s juts not a company but it’s a mission. We are on a mission to design the career roadmap for each and every school and college going childs in India. We offer our services through B2B and B2C business verticals.

Through our B2B vertical we get into collaboration with Educational Institutions in order to add value to their mission and vision as well to the life of students.

Through our B2C vertical we cater our services to individual students who want to add value to their life.

Our Vision – We are committed to helping the young generation to become authors of their professional lives that will allow them to live a successful life they will enjoy.

Mission – Our mission is to implement a well-designed career roadmap for every high school and college student through our holistic approach to career development.

Natural Talents & Abilities

We help you to discover your natural talents and abilities through our state of the art assessment program.

Seven Pillars

We help you to discover your “Human Behaviour” through our 360 degree assessment program based on Natural Talents, Natural Abilities, Personality, Orientation, Aptitude, Interest and Emotional Intelligence.

Top 5 career recommendation.

Post assessment we recommend you top 5 best career which matches with your seven pillars of human behaviour.

College Recommendation

Post opting for the career we helps you to shortlist your college based on multiple factors.

Four Dots

We help you to design roadmap of your career from student life to professional life.

What We Do

What we solve and Develop for Institutions

We act as an External Agency for Institutions
to run career guidance program.
We solve a problem of maintaining or crisis of Career guidance wing of
an Institution.

Institutions need not to maintain or invest in any asset thus
making it light asset model.

Through our affiliate based model we develop asecondary source of revenue for Institutions.

We develop a Win-Win situation for School and Students through our productsand services.

Our CORE activity

As, we are on a mission to design the career of each and every school and college going students so we starts with analyzing the seven factors or stars of human behavior. We help students from Std 8th till Graduation to discover their own Natural Talents, Natural abilities, Personality, Orientation, Interest, Aptitude and Emotional Quotient through our state of the art assessment programs.

Based on the stage of education a kid is going through we design the career roadmap in the best interest of a kid so that he/she will choose the perfect career. Our entire program is known as Career Design Program (CDP).

Through our approach we connect the four dots in straight line which means time, energy and money invested during the education years will yields the best result for our students.

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